With our broad base of specialized training skills and experience through Silverback and its joint venture partners, we are able to offer the type and level of training that has benefited military and law enforcement specialised teams around the world.

We will develop specialized training programs that will fit the needs of your security group, whether military or civilian. This highly focused and results oriented approach ensures effective use of manpower in the most dangerous of situations.

Silverback can offer accredited training of bespoke programs through a number of bodies, including, Industry Qualifications, IRATA and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance. Should it be required, we have agreements in place with various recognised awarding bodies to provide pricing for delivering an internationally accredited course.

It is to be noted that Silverback will only produce training programs for legitimately established and internationally recognised official government bodies, corporations and law enforcement agencies, previous due diligence by our legal department. We do not offer training to members of the public, non-active military or law enforcement members, or any government or corporation blacklisted by international bodies such as the UN.

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