Corporate Security

Emerging conditions give rise to the need for a highly sophisticated security consulting group to augment bespoke services to the corporate client, not available locally. This level of security is critical to those organizations who require protection for their personnel and assets, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Business is affected, as a result of growing terrorist and criminal threats, which are increasing significantly worldwide. Kidnapping has reached pandemic proportions in many countries, with terrorist and criminal groups turning these activities into a major growth industry. Operating or traveling in hostile environments poses unique threats to the operational efficiency, stability, security, and safety of personnel and facilities.

The acceptance of calculated risk is an everyday element of personal and corporate life. Unfortunately, the inordinate number of risks currently facing the business world today can severely impact a company’s revenue and reputation. These risks, ranging from terrorist activity and product contamination to industrial espionage and professional misconduct, are menacing regardless of their scope and complexity.

The correct supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programs often calls for independent input. Silverback and our partners are qualified to assist in these scenarios, relying on decades of experience at the highest levels of government and corporate service.

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